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COE COVID-19 Resources

Please utilize this page to retrieve information regarding the college’s and university’s ongoing response to COVID-19. This page is a living document and will be updated as new information becomes available.

University Resources

NC State Coronovirus Updates

The best way to keep up with university updates is to regularly check This site also includes a growing collection of Frequently Asked Questions, important health-related information, links to community contacts and other helpful resources.

NC State Human Resources

University Human Resources has developed a Guideline on Pandemic and Communicable Disease. This site includes additional information regarding social distancing and alternative work resources for your reference. For questions regarding the guidelines, please contact your college, division or unit HR representative or UHR.

Faculty Teaching

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a Moodle Space for my course?

Ths is my first time teaching online. What do I do next?

There are two products that you can use to capture lectures:

For more information about how to use these tools, go to the Engineering Online website.

Remember that emergency teaching online is different than what you would do for a fully planned online course. Here are some options for getting started, based on what you’ve decided in your academic continuity plan.

  • Run live (synchronous) classes using Zoom
  • Record your lectures using Zoom and share with your students
  • If you are not comfortable recording but have detailed slides/slide notes, you can share your PowerPoint slides or notes with your students by uploading them to Moodle. We recommend saving as a PDF or converting to Google slides (better for reading on a mobile phone) so that students can open these files on mobile devices (in case they do not have a computer or reliable Internet).

The most important thing is communication. Even with uncertainty, contact your students and let them know what you have decided and what you are still working on. Try to start with the most immediate concerns first, as the situation is changing rapidly and you may have more information and options in a few weeks.

What equipment do I need to teach online?

You will benefit from having:

  • Laptop or home computer
  • If not included in your laptop/computer, a separate webcam
    NOTE: External webcams usually have good microphones
  • If not included in your laptop/computer, a microphone
  • Reliable internet access
  • A quiet spot to record videos or attend live class sessions
  • Using a headset with a microphone if possible is very beneficial. You will have a better experience than you would using your laptop or webcam’s built-in microphone

Learn more about working remotely in the “Working Remotely” section below.

How do I add files to my Moodle Space, such as PDFs or Word documents?

You can add files to your Moodle space easily using Drag & Drop.

  1. Go to your Moodle course.
  2. Click the Tools icon (looks like a gear) and select “Turn editing on.”
  3. Open the folder on your computer that contains the file you want to share.
  4. Drag the file from your computer folder onto the Moodle page.

How can I collect assignments in Moodle?

How can I have an online class to replace my face-to-face meeting time?

You can run live (synchronous) classes using Zoom. A Zoom meeting holds up to 300 participants. The Zoom session can be recorded for students who cannot attend. Zoom can also create an editable transcript of the recorded session.

We are exploring options for hosting a live session for courses that have more than 300 students and will post an update soon.

How can I record my lectures?

You can use Zoom or My Mediasite to record lectures and share them with your students. If you have never recorded your lectures from your computer before, we recommend using Zoom.

How can I upload video files to Moodle?

DON’T!!! You want to upload videos to streaming services, such as Mediasite or YouTube. Problems can occur when multiple students try to open video files from Moodle.

How do I use Zoom?

Check out this Zoom page.

How can I easily email all students in my course?

How can I give an online exam? Can I have online proctoring for my exams?

The university is considering proctoring options. You can create online exams using Moodle’s Quiz tool. We hope to have more resources and workshops available soon.

I put my exam in Moodle. How do I add extended time for students with accomodations?

You can add an override to a Moodle quiz for a specific students or groups of students. We highly recommend using overrides per user, not groups, when possible.

I’m worried my students might not read email. How can I text with students without giving away my phone number?

You can use Remind. This app is often used in K12 to communicate between teachers and parents, but can be used between professors and students as well.

How do I request access for my classroom Mediasite capture videos from previous semesters for this semester’s students?

Email to request that access to a previous semester’s videos be shared with your current students. Make sure to give them the full course number, section, and semester (e.g., BUS 101 001 Fall 2019).

If another instructor taught a previous semester and you are both comfortable sharing those materials with the new course, then the original instructor should should email and cc the current instructor on the email.

Note: While in a Mediasite capture room you can request to record your lecture.

I use Top Hat in my classes. How do I use Top Hat when teaching remotely?

Top Hat has created a guide: Top Hat teaching tips

I would like to learn more about quickly moving my course online. How can I learn more?

Contact Engineering Online at 515.5440 or Linda Krute  at

Other Resources:

Working Remotely

Frequently Asked Questions

What software do I need to have installed on my home machine to work remotely?

Is there a master list of items needed for remote teaching?

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