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A fan rainbow color array of Pantone color swatches.

Engineering Communications Resources

Need a logo? Wondering what color to use? You're in the right place.

The NC State brand is more than a logo. From solution-driven education, research and scholarship to the work that supports and sustains our efforts in the classroom and the lab, our brand is the sum of everything we do.


Color is one of the most recognizable elements of our brand. By extracting hues from NC State’s history and from the people, places and things on our modern campus, the university has created a large palette that resonates visually and reflects exactly who we are.

NC State’s core palette consists of three colors: Wolfpack Red, Wolfpack White and Wolfpack Black. These colors should feature more prominently than any others in NC State communications. In all communications using color, Wolfpack Red should dominate.

Learn more about NC State’s official colors here.


University logos

The NC State logo should be used on all core brand communications. Units, initiatives and entities cannot create their own logos. The logo is singular, but it works in a range of different situations.

Additional rules governing the use of the university logo are detailed here.

College of Engineering logos

Logos specific to the College of Engineering are available for use within the college. If you need a variation of this logo not shown below (i.e. file size or type), please email us to submit a request.

Logos for email signature

Instructions detailing how to add the NC State logo as well as university social media icons to your email signature can be found here.


Use our set of on-brand icons to add visual interest and illustrate important facts and figures within your web and print content.

Icons can be changed to any color in NC State’s color palette. Either place a white icon on a field of color, or convert an icon’s color for use on a white background. Only use one color per icon. Icons should not be altered or combined.

Download icons

The EPS, PNG and SVG files are available below. For print projects, use the EPS files to ensure that icons print clearly at any size. PNG files should only be used in PowerPoint and Microsoft Office. SVG files are for web purposes.

Editorial style

NC State’s editorial style is based on The Associated Press Stylebook, with exceptions and additions as noted. When this style guide conflicts with AP style, follow this guide. To resolve questions of spelling, AP recommends using Webster’s New World College Dictionary. We give key recommendations from AP interspersed with guidelines specific to NC State.

To obtain maximum value from these rules, you should follow them far more often than not; but situations may arise when bending a rule makes more sense than following it. In all matters concerning editorial style, consistency and clarity are the most important considerations.


NC State’s primary typeface is Univers. Univers is a broad family, and University Communications has obtained site licenses for many of the faces within the font family.

NC State’s secondary typeface is Glypha. University Communications has obtained site licenses for several of the faces within the font family. Glypha should be used sparingly and purposefully. It gives emphasis and personality to text, setting pull quotes, captions and Web modules apart from body copy. When it appears too frequently, it loses impact.

A limited number of licenses for Univers are available, free of charge, to professional communicators across the college who agree to use them within brand parameters. If you’re interested in receiving a license, contact the brand administrators.

Our open source font is Roboto, a free font family available from Google Fonts. It offers close matches to our other on-brand typefaces — Roboto Light for Univers Light, Roboto Regular for Univers Roman, Roboto Condensed for Univers Condensed, and Roboto Slab for Glypha.

Learn more

Learn more about the NC State brand and find additional resources at the following links: