The Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award — 1966-2015

2015 Distinguished Alumni

The Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award was established by the Faculty of the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University in 1966 to honor engineering graduates who have been recognized for outstanding achievements in:

  • Planning and direction of engineering work
  • Fostering professional development of young engineers
  • Contributing to knowledge in the field of engineering or
  • Bringing, in other ways, distinction to the University through engineering achievement.

Nominations for this prestigious award come from members of the Engineering faculty, and a vote by faculty representatives determines the recipients of the award. The Dean of Engineering announces the annual awards at the Awards Banquet during Alumni Weekend. Each recipient is presented with a bronze medallion and engraved certificate.

Past Recipients

Select names from the table below to access profiles about our Distinguished Engineering Alumni (DEA). Because these profiles come directly from the DEA Booklet, a cumulative document, each profile dates back to the award year.

William D. Alexander III (1976)
Stephen F. Angel (2012)
William E. Angelo (2006)
E. James Angelo (1998)
Joseph P. Archie Jr. (1997)
Marshall D. Brain (2011)
Charles E. Branscomb (1978)
Raymond A. Bryan Jr. (2007)
Albert Carnesale (2004)
Calvin H. Carter Jr. (2004)
Tuncer Cebeci (1990)
Jimmy D. Clark (2012)
Worley H. Clark Jr. (1993)
Norvin A. Clontz (1996)
Keith Collins (2003)
Joseph S. Colson Jr. (2001)
Marcus B. Crotts (1981)
S. Frank Culberson (2002)
James M. Davis Jr. (1998)
Wayne T. Day (2007)
William H. Dean (2011)
Hugh M. Duncan (2000)
John J. DuPlessis (1995)
John A. Edmond (2012)
James K. Ferrell (1992)
Herbert A. Fishel (2005)
Edward P. Fitts (2001)
Kent B. Foster (1993)
Anna Clyde Fraker (2003)
Glenn E. Futrell (1999)
Allen F. Gant (1998)
Jeffrey R. Garwood (2014)
William R. Garwood (1993)
Paul E. Green Jr. (1983)
Carlos D. Gutierrez (2010)
James A. Hackney III (1984)
Franklin D. Hart (1999)
Irwin R. Holmes, Jr. (2014)
Edward E. Hood Jr. (1980)
Paul N. Howard Jr. (1979)
F. Neal Hunter (2007)
John H. Isenhour (1967)
Bobby Ray Johnson Jr. (2008)
Johnie H. Jones (1994)
James Arthur Jones (1974)
James F. Kelly (1968)
Michael D. Killian (2000)
T. William Lambe (1982)
Ross W. Lampe Jr. (2010)
Ross W. Lampe Sr. (2002)
Gayle S. Lanier (2008)
Jerry S. Lee (2002)
Gerald Davis Mann (2003)
Charles R. Manning Jr. (2006)
John S. Mayo (1977)
John T. McCarter (2000)
Thomas R. McPherson Jr. (2004)
Darrell V. Menscer (1997)
Dade W. Moeller (2001)
Larry K. Monteith (1999)
William F. Morris Jr. (1996)
Arthur P. Moss (1969)
Barbara H. Mulkey (2006)
Johnny F. Norris (2009)
John W. Palmour (2009)
Donald R. Paul (1994)
Fred H. Ramseur Jr. (1973)
B.D. Rodgers (2009)
Donald H. Roy (1986)
Henry M. Shaw Sr. (1970)
Walter Tilford Smith (1966)
Eli Sternberg (1987)
Katharine Stinson (1971)
Robert H. Transou (1996)
William F. Troxler (1985)
Claude A. Verbal (1997)
C. E. Vick Jr. (1991)
C. Michael Walton (1995)
Edward I. Weisiger (1995)
Stuart Edward White (2010)
John Turner Whitted (2005)
F. Perry Wilson (1972)
Scot Wingo (2008)
Robert R. Womack (2011)
Edgar S. Woolard Jr. (1988)
Robert G. Wright (2005)
G. Smedes York (1989)