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2+2 Plans of Work and Degree Information

Fields of Study Plans of Study at UNC Asheville
Aerospace 2+2 AE Plan (pdf, 45KB)
Biological and Agricultural 2+2 BAE Plan (pdf, 45KB)
Biomedical 2+2 BME Plan (pdf, 41KB)
Chemical 2+2 CHE Plan (pdf, 41KB)
Civil 2+2 CE Plan (pdf, 45KB)
Construction Management (General Construction) 2+2 CEGC Plan (pdf, 45KB)
Computer 2+2 CPE Plan (pdf, 45KB)
Electrical 2+2 EE Plan (pdf, 45KB)
Environmental 2+2 ENE Plan (pdf, 45KB)
Industrial and Systems 2+2 ISE Plan (pdf, 45KB)
Material Science 2+2 MSE Plan (pdf, 41KB)
Mechanical 2+2 ME Plan (pdf, 45KB)
Nuclear 2+2 NE Plan (pdf, 41KB)
Textile 2+2 TE Plan (pdf, 49KB)
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